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Tax has never been higher on the agenda of the EU institutions, the OECD and national governments.

The intrinsic connection of tax, digitalization and sustainability requires a holistic approach. Not only in terms of sound and innovative legislation at national, international and EU level, but also in terms of deploying the right Public Affairs instruments.

Why Dr2 Consultants is different

Dr2 Consultants takes a comprehensive approach in devising Public Affairs strategies, which support companies and organizations in their activities, combining a balanced mix of Public Affairs  and corporate communications tools.

Dr2 Consultants’ core competency is to connect businesses with the EU. Dr2 Consultants pays great attention to understanding how organizations are working and daily operations are unfolding, thereby establishing the right link with the most effective Public Affairs approach. By doing so, we empower our clients so you can be successful in influencing the EU policymaking.

Dr2 Consultants provides support across all transport modes with a wide range of Public Affairs tools: from comprehensive monitoring of policy developments to full-scale Public Affairs strategy development and execution.

The power of empowerment

Empowerment: Dr2 Consultants guides organizations in becoming successful in analyzing, assessing and addressing the impact of the EU legislative processes at the right time and the right level. By reinforcing weaknesses and building on strengths based on organizational needs, Dr2 Consultants enables organizations in developing and embedding Public Affairs activities into its core business. Dr2 Consultants aims at creating a sustainable relationship with clients where colleagues in charge feel empowered to represent their companies in the EU arena.

Network: Dr2 Consultants boasts an outstanding network of transport policymakers, corporations and trade associations who recognize us as legitimate experts and are ready to provide us with behind-the-scene intelligence. The mutual trust within our established network allows us to draw knowledge from different sources, enabling us to support our clients in the most time- and resource-efficient manner. We build on our network to create coalitions and platforms among like-minded stakeholders with the ultimate goal to make a meaningful impact.

Dr2 Consultants understands that transport cannot be approached in isolation: it is linked with sustainability, social affairs, trade, competition and digitalization, and more. We are, therefore, continuously working on extending our network that provides the link between these policy areas.

Innovative Public Affairs: Dr2 Consultants has an eye for innovative Public Affairs solutions. Thinking outside the box is part of our everyday job: Dr2 Consultants works together with organizations which are frontrunners in their respective fields. It is within our DNA to offer innovative solutions in supporting organizations’ Public Affairs activities.