Sustainable is the new normal

Sustainability is the main recurring theme in all current European and national policies. Ranging from transport to economy, construction to packaging, as well as waste management and electricity, all sectors are evolving towards a model that respects the available resources and enables citizens to make a well-informed choice.

Not only do these new policies and legislation lay down strict rules with regards to manufacturing, use, re-use and recycling, they also provide opportunities for new and innovative concepts which can be transferred into other sectors and which can subsequently be spread on a European level. Ingenious ideas often sprout in peculiar circumstances. However, they need the right support to reach their full potential.

Define your own approach

All these policies, made at governmental level, potentially impact your business and operations. Still, every organization is able to have an impact on the formation of these policies, be it by being actively involved in the decision-making process or by keeping up to date and preparing your organization for the eventual outcome of the procedures.

Dr2 Consultants’ experience in finding an individual approach that suits your identity will allow you to make your voice heard by policy makers or inform your own organization on current and future developments. As such, Dr2 Consultants is glad to pilot your organization through the world of public policy.

Why Dr2 Consultants is different

We believe your organization knows best what a favourable regulatory environment should look like. The support of Dr2 Consultants empowers your organization to achieve the right conditions for your ideas to grow. In order to achieve this goal, we build synergies between EU decision-making processes and your daily activities.

Dr2 Consultants has an excellent track record in understanding and adapting to the needs of our clients, with a portfolio that includes start-ups, trade associations, as well as large corporate companies. We have built up a strong network and in-depth expertise in a wide range of sustainability topics, ready to be mobilized to support your organization.

As a company that has rapidly grown in recent years thanks to the trust and endorsements of our clients in our work, building strong relationships and empowering your organization are at the core of our business.