Becoming an expert in EU Affairs

The EU can be considered as a complex maze in which timing and flexibility is paramount. In order for your organization to effectively implement Public Affairs activities at EU level, sound knowledge of the EU decision-making procedures and the changing political dynamics are required. Dr2 Consultants offers dedicated EU Affairs Trainings that will help organizations to effectively define and represent their interests at EU level.

Why is it important for you?  

Our EU Affairs Trainings are targeted to professionals both from the public and private sectors, whose work is impacted by EU policies. This can vary from experienced Public Affairs professionals to business professionals and young professionals. During our trainings, you will acquire knowledge on and experience in:

  • The ins and outs of the EU inter-institutional relations and the decision-making procedures;
  • The changing political dynamics at EU level, such as projections of the new priorities of the European Commission;
  • A comprehensive overview of an effective Public Affairs strategy and innovative Public Affairs instruments and tools, including tips and tricks from our experienced Public Affairs professionals on how to develop and communicate your messages;
  • A case study that links theory to practice by applying a Public Affairs strategy, which takes the current political context into account.

What do we offer?

Our objective is to strengthen and improve your knowledge while providing you with useful tools to effectively deliver your messages and interests. We offer of the following tailor-made trainings:


For professionals from the public and private sectors

In house

Tailored to the needs of your organization

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We invite Members of the European Parliament or senior policymakers to our trainings to elaborate on their activities and experiences. We ensure an interactive and dynamic setting that stimulates the participation of the attendees. We make use of a digital learning environment to stimulate interaction and aftercare.

The building blocks of the EU Affairs Training 

  • The role of the EU institutions, inter-institutional relations;
  • EU decision-making procedures;
  • Impact of the new European Parliament and the new European Commission  on the EU priorities, balance of power and decision-making procedures.
  • The different steps of effective development and implementation of Public Affairs activities;
  • Do’s and don’ts of lobbying in the EU institutions and the working culture within the “Brussels bubble”;
  • The building blocks of an effective Public Affairs strategy;
  • Communication practices that support Public Affairs activities.
  • Development of a Public Affairs strategy applicable to a controversial legislative file, taking the political context into account;
  • Interactive, step-by-step guidance that helps you understand how to implement an effective Public Affairs strategy, engage with EU institutions and find the loopholes in the EU decision-making procedures;
  • Wrap-up by focusing on the lessons learned.

Tailored to your needs

Our experienced Public Affairs professionals can adapt the building blocks so that it fits the needs of your organization. This includes the following options:

  • Applying the right level of knowledge on the EU decision-making procedures and the Public Affairs practice;
  • Applying the building blocks of the EU Affairs Training to your policy areas of interest;
  • Focusing on the latest political dynamics in the EU, such as the impact of the European Parliamentary elections, projections of the new priorities of the European Commission, and analysis and impact assessment of Brexit on your sector;
  • Organizing site-visits with targeted Members of the European Parliament, Attachés from the Council of the EU, and senior policymakers from the European Commission;
  • Role-playing in negotiation and conversation simulation games with experienced lobbyists;

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