Dr2 Consultants Copenhagen is a well-established consultancy firm that can help understand how public policy is changing and how your organisation can to respond to these changes. Particularly, for policy issues concerning tax, sustainablility and digitalisation.


Dr2 Consultants Copenhagen can help your organisation with independent research, policy monitoring and stakeholder management, practical impact analysis and effective public affairs strategies.

Public Affairs and Communication

EU Public Affairs is much more than just representing your organisation’s interests in the public sphere. Much more is needed to be successful today. We provide organisations with tailor-made support, we set targets to measure progress and we show results.

How? To achieve your goals you need a great public affairs strategy. To develop a great strategy you need to perform a thorough analysis. And analysis can only be thorough if it is based on high quality research.

We focus on what the real problem is and why that is politically relevant. We believe that if you really understand this, the rest of the steps all of a sudden become much easier. You will be able to engage with your stakeholders much more effectively. And you will be much more successful in achieving your goals.



Digital and tech


Public Affairs strategies

The development and execution of effective Public Affairs strategies are the core of our business. We get results by finding the politically relevant pressure points concerning the real problem and helping to resolve them.

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Research & Analysis

Dr2 Consultants has extensive experience in performing independent research and legal, economic and political analysis. Also, we perform organisation-specific impact assessments and perform stress-tests.

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Management consulting

For a Public Affairs strategy to be executed successfully and credibly, if has to well embedded in an organisation. We can help achieving this by strengthening your governance structure.

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Connecting stakeholders

We can help build new coalitions and associations, connect relevant stakeholders to you and manage your existing networks in order to boost efficiency, effectiveness and relevancy in today’s (online) political environment.

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Policy monitoring

Staying informed and up to speed with the legislative processes is fundamental for the development and execution of successful Public Affairs strategies.

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Social Media

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Day 4 of the #EUSEW2022

Discussion on the building blocks to electrify #mobility in the EU. Mr. Čecura, transport attaché of the Czech permanent representation to the EU, focused on the bottlenecks in the development of charging infrastructure and improvements in the grid.